Daycare Preschool in Borivali Gorai.

Playgroup/ Nursery / junior kg- LKG/ senior kg- UKG

Daycare Preschool in Borivali Gorai 2 running since 8 years. Visit us for Playgroup, Nursery, LKG UKG (Junior and Senior KG) Kindergarten center for pre-nursery admissions.

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Jolly kids kinder care has an engaging daycare plan which offers an affordable fee structure for a joyful learning experience in Childcare Creche Day-nursery CCD in Borivali West. Visit the playschool website to find a daycare with us. Meanwhile, send your details here to know all about kids’ daycare.Go to Daycare site

JK foundation stage curriculum supports NEP policy, and you can visit the site for more info here: .NEP POLICY 2020. Further is the pdf download of NEP Policy: Download NEP POLICY 2020. Further is the pdf download of NEP Policy : .



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Sonal Lad
Sonal Lad
My daughter 2.5 years old was going for day care in the Jollykids. My daughter started many good habits within a month, for example, like playing along with the other kids, she also started expressing herself more, she liked singing rhymes. I must say, Kinjal and other teachers were very kind and helpful towards her, giving personal attention right from what all activities she did on that day, what all food she had, her development and everything. The preschool is really good as teachers do take good care of the young kids.
Beena Talekar
Beena Talekar
My son swaransh was 2.5 years old when we took admission in jolly kids. Swaransh was not able to speak the whole sentences, we were scared and many times informed Kinjal mam, but always she made us understand give him sometime and he will speak properly. Today I can proudly say swaransh speaks well, he sings poems and also speak proper sentences. In Jolly kids there were so many activities which my son used to love to go to school. Thanku Kinjal Mam and supportive staff to take proper care of all children's.
Kinjal Mam and team has given beautiful memories to us. My son enjoyed his school. Thank you to all teachers and staff at Jolly Kids.
ashwini more
ashwini more
Jolly kids is the best pre- primary school. Kinjal miss & all teachers are very good ,kind and supportive. They pay good attention to each & every child. Thank you so much for everything that my kid had learnt from your school. In this pandemic situation they try to give their best....
Preeti Mak
Preeti Mak
Best techer mam ty so much excellent work you done to tech children and give them best
Roshni Rathod
Roshni Rathod
Best place for your child for pre primary education in gorai.Day care facility provided by them is excellent.thank u kinjal maam for making my daughter's educational journey enjoyable.
Daycare Preschool in Borivali Gorai Daycare Preschool in Borivali Gorai Daycare Preschool in Borivali Gorai
Our Courses
PlayGroup Class

Playgroup | Age: 1.6 to 2.8 years; Duration : 2 Hours | Days : Monday to Friday

Purpose : A playgroup is a wonderful gathering of kids in a safe and supervised environment where they can play, interact, and learn together. It's like a mini community where children can develop important social skills, like sharing, taking turns, and making friends.

Nursery Class

Nursery | Age: 2.8 to 3.8 years; Duration : 2 Hours | Days : Monday to Friday

Purpose : The purpose of a nursery is to provide a safe and stimulating environment where children can learn through play, explore their surroundings, and develop essential skills like communication, motor skills, and social interaction. Nursery also promotes a sense of routine, helps kids adjust to being away from parents, and prepares them for the next steps in their educational journey.

Junior KG & Senior KG

LKG / Jr. KG | Age: 3.8 to 4.8 years; UKG / Sr. KG | Age: 4.8 to 5.8 years; Duration : 3 Hours | Days : Monday to Friday

Purpose of Kindergarten: These grades serve as a bridge between nursery and primary school. Kids learn foundational skills like numbers, letters, shapes, colors, and basic language skills through fun activities, games, and interactive lessons. LKG and UKG also foster social development, independence, and confidence in young children. It's a wonderful stepping stone towards their educational journey ahead!

    Preschool in Gorai Borivali west text
    pre primary school in gorai fees

    Thoughts from Director of Jolly Kids Playschool Gorai”.

    (Mrs Kinjal .K)

    I not only Aim to rank among the Best Playschools of Gorai. Instead, we look forward to being the best Pre-K in Mumbai. Because I believe curriculum development makes a huge impact on each individual. In other words, my kid’s school should enhance younger toddlers’ needs, talents, potential, and engrossment. For instance, some great news for our playgroup nursery parents, we have started our new branch in Charkop Location: Sector 4, Plot 415. 

    -Kinjal Thakkar

    Jolly kids Daycare Preschool in Borivali West meets EYFS standards of the early year's foundation stage

    The Pre-K must meet EYFS's certain standards. Also, our programs provides Guaranteed safety security. Also, imbibes qualities like trust, praise, respect, and curiosity in the tiny bud.

    Day nursing flexible  24 hours kinder care with a real focus on school readiness. Toddlers benefit from being part of our child care center because we have the unique registered daycare room setup ideas ingrained in our classrooms to achieve 100% productivity.

    (Miss KINJAL was the Ex. teacher of  DR. PILLAI, Playgroup Batch and VIBGYOR, LKG UKG Batch )

    Director: Miss Kinjal K. has accomplished ten years of Kindergarten experience in ICSE, CBSE, IB (PYP) Boards while adapting the Early year’s foundation stage curriculum.

     Note: Above all, if you have decided to admit your loved one to any international school for Grade 1, you should start his foundational years with us, which begins from the Playgroup course!

    In addition, note that we also provide daycare in Borivali Gorai.

    11 + 1 =

    Daycare Preschool in Borivali Gorai Daycare Preschool in Borivali Gorai Daycare Preschool in Borivali Gorai

     Kinjal Mam’s approach :

    The definition of pedagogy refers to methods of teaching. In conclusion, it is the relationship between learning techniques and culture to connect both child and teacher.

    Trusted since 2014

    When you send your innocent life to us for playgroup nursery, we understand, as parents, how difficult a choice that is, looking for the best Play Learn to Grow space. We realize that you must feel that your kid is at least as well cared for as they would be at home, and we always strive to ensure that our care stimulation is sufficient at Daycare Preschool in Borivali Gorai. Therefore education at this school provides opportunities for your cutie that they would not or could not receive in any other environment. We toil to contribute to the quality of early years education in playschool.

    Mr. Joseph Francis with kinjal K

    It was a enlightenment to meet Sir Joseph Francis, (Educationist, Mentor, Collaborator, Entrepreneur & TEDx Speaker)

    Director Kinjal K. awarded for innovative curriculum by the Guest speaker.

    Jolly-kids-awards 2019
     JOLLY KIDS  Pre-School IN GORAI 2, BORIVALI comes with LKG UKG.

    Miss. Kinjal has more than ten years of combined experience in early years education and child care. We aren’t a big jumbo chain. What we do is fundamentally different from other Playschool Borivali West. Our focus is on a foundation stage curriculum designed around how innocent learn, introducing young souls to elements of world culture to which they might not otherwise be exposed elsewhere. In short, believe in never dumbing down a newborn, giving them varied, exciting opportunities to explore, discover, learn. We listen to your charmer because they can best articulate their own needs, talents, abilities, and interests.


    Interests are areas in which a grooming participant demonstrates focus through choice for prolonged periods. It is possible in looking at the direction of on two-year-old age playgroup bud to perceive something about the adult the youngling will become.
    Our Staff

    The staff is passionate and friendly at Jolly kids Daycare Preschool in Borivali West at Gorai 2 center.
    For the same, JK’s preschool teachers have undergone intense training in our unique teaching methodology. Teachers here are accustomed to interactive learning methods.

    Google Verified Reviews

    Please Search our preschool’s review on google Playschool Borivali West, Gorai2, 1. This research parameter can put your child in good hands by verifying the school’s potential.

    Extracurricular Activities

    * Yoga, Dance Singing, Drawing, Sports, Drama etc

    We believe: Talents are innate skills with which a new bee is born. Aptness is skills that a curious adorable acquire through their exploration of their environment, through problem-solving, through learning by instruction from adults or friends.

    Daycare Preschool in Borivali Gorai Daycare Preschool in Borivali Gorai

    Students in past 8 years

    Activities per year


    Years Established
    Get In Touch
    Location: Bunglow No: 272/292, opposite plot no: 197,  swami samarth road, gorai 2, Borivali west.

    Telephone: (+91) 9819477893/ 8082012033


    Daycare Fee : Day Care Center Details

    Phonics : Phonicshat Class Details

    Visiting Hours: Time : 9am – 2pm


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    Depending on your child's goals and needs, support plans are offered at J.K Pre-school, daycare.Staff is promising and loving beings who care for your champs as much as you had cared when they were home.Innovative Curriculum in Early childcare education in Mumbai was...

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