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Jolly kids means a family has been executed excellence in Gorai for the last eight years. We offer Preschool, Hobby Classes, Phonics, Grammar, other affordable courses. Indeed is great pride in delivering a high-quality assurance where toddlers are safe and immersed in a stimulating yet fun environment. Eventually, not just a pre-school that looks after the younger ones in the absence of their parents but a true activity centre that considers EYFS as a benchmark for schooling.

The Word ‘Daycare’ on this webpage is just used for parents to understand what service we offer? Moreover, our centre has priceless caring qualities. To express these qualities of our staff’s has we will replace the word “Daycare” throughout our website with specific words.


Explore our playschool website to glimpse Jolly kid’s daycare room set up. We advise parents to check the link ahead – : Jollykids Preschool
Read what a Good Childcare? 8 Important Signs of children day-nursing.

Also, if you want to enrol your kid in children’s Nurseries with us, firstly, consider going to the Website without fail. Looking to welcome you soon to our Gorai’s most Affordable Creche. For any instances in seeking admissions, please feel free to give us a call.

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Visit Us Here :  Bunglow No: 272/292, opposite plot no: 197,  swami samarth road, gorai 2, Borivali west.

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The Affordable Daycare in Borivali Gorai 2 is the Economical Creche amongst Kinder care services in  Mumbai.

  These toddlers’ help-center in Gorai 2 has all love and care for your little ones. The ambience design offers comfort as a home to ensure blooming life blossoms. Further to provide a homely environment, we have designed many innovative activities and structured them to perfection. .

Childcare Creche Dailycares CCD in Borivali offers an affordable daycare fees structure accompanying flexible installments.

 Top After-school in Borivali West, Gorai 2, provides licensed  Motherly nursing and a modest home with an affordable fees structure incorporated by pocket friendly-installments. The highly experienced staff knows all about kids’ care and works as a family. A devoted team participates in all ups and downs happening at their workplace.  Therefore, mentors experience some days harder than others; hence we engross these creative minds’ attentive hours with learning and grooming. No doubt our experts afford all sorts of attitudes and behavior without losing cool and calm is praiseworthy.

Preschool wants your little sprouts learning should empower them to find balance in their emotions and behavior somewhere over the rainbow. Hence we organize a variety of play-school activities and resolve practical problems quickly. In addition to Child-care, we have also run our venture past eight years, because of which now your child is also exposed to Playgroup, Nursery-based activities, and rich curriculum.  Since 2014 the present Creche tiny tots and playgroup kids have gotten along easily due to their curiosity levels. Courses promote a conducive environment for LKG (Lower KG) UKG (Upper KG) to mingle easily.

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Day Nursery in Borivali West, Gorai, with 24 Hour Non-Stop assistance complemented with budget-proof daycare plan.

All Weekdays and Weekend we schedule uninterrupted inexpensive programs that give your little sprouts all-time supervision. Kinjal Mam has lot of patience, rightly aware tiny tots are sometimes turbulent. And she never uses infamous “no” and “why?” phrases.

New Horizon Intensive care center with limitless boundaries striving for Holistic growth of kids.

Responsible and well-organized new horizon active professionals whose limits and boundaries are always broadened year after year. A perfect daily center plan and final Kinder goal turning programs for 24-hours. Teachers always strive to keep the preschool environment healthy, safe and educational. Consequently, trainers are highly responsive to the needs of several buddies at once, which means we can multitask without batting an eye.

Furthermore, we are creative and imaginative trainers. Above all, the vision is to capture the imagination of young life and develop new activities that stimulate and entertain toddlers. Similarly, excellent listening and communication skills are essential for the tinies age group from playgroup to senior kg, similar in LKG and UKG.

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“Daycare” meaning is mostly misinterpreted in India. However, that won’t mean watching after children without their parents. It doesn’t define observing what a child does; instead, it’s more about their teacher..

In the first place, it is a myth that this is a service about parents at work and someone on their behalf looks after the child. On the contrary, should occupy this kindergarten age with a structured 360-degree kids-oriented plan to let the little one grow with full potential.
Don’t you want to put your baby girl in the best center of Borivali? If yes, then send us your inquiry here

 Certainly, we like to suggest that if both parents are working and there is no one to take good professional help for a child, then such a kids help center is a must. A 2 years age kid who is almost of age for pre-nursery. Remember, it will not be wise to enroll little ones in nearby child-settling services based on advertisement or posters.

And we are sure once you visit Jollykids, the most affordable Daycare in Borivali Gorai 2, which has offered Professional help for a decade now. Besides,the child’s assisting center design will astonish you. The unique registered classroom set up ideas ingrained in our classrooms to achieve 100% productivity.

Our Kinder House ! Family ! Community !

Jollykids is a New Generation Day care (24 hr Non- stop facility  available).

We understand listening to age two born being heard behind their behavior. Competent enough to give clear directions and offer a sympathetic ear. Next, we perceive how to listen to parents’ concerns without getting defensive.
 Recent studies show LKG and UKG preschoolers under Motherly Creche center were more fair and kind than other kids of the past millennium.

A special new horizon with open-minded Teachers working here at the most affordable daycare in Borivali at Gorai 2 is a boon.  Concurrently our 24-hour Creche center enthusiasts love to meet people with different cultural practices and social values they own. They appreciate these differences in children’s after service and are always available to interact with parents.


Our caretaker can diffuse tense situations with laughter. She is compassionate towards children. Please do not experiment with kids’ admission in a home-care based on the daily advertisements you receive at your place. Enrolling your loved one is a licensed nursery that is legally registered.

Young’s one activity plan at Affordable Daycare Borivali in Gorai 2, influenced by Playgroup, Nursery-based activities. However, we understand how we should indulge a creative mind, though it is not an easy task at all. In brief, let us sum up this site by informing you that all children’s are curious minds rarely stay still for long, so we’re ready and willing to move and run after them. In some cases, the pre-nursery age is unpredictable for us. But with the strong leadership of Mrs. Kinjal K, things have fallen in places, which guarantees happiness, prosperity, and serenity.

Affordable Early Childcare Services at a Reasonable Price
Finding Playgroup Nursery services at a reasonable price is a goal most people have. Whether you are looking for a doctor, dentist, or even a maid, the price of services is always an important factor in your decision. However, what defines a reasonable price? Many people are hesitant to spend money on services because they feel that the price is too high.

A price is considered fair and reasonable if it has competitive value of the service offered and is accepted as a fair price only if the value we get is more compared to other services at more price. To find out if a price is fair and reasonable, it must be compared to prices of similar items in a competitive business place. This can be done by either analyzing the pricing of similar Preschools or by conducting an in-depth review of the current fee of all Kindergarten.





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