Jolly Phonics Classes in Borivali West

Jolly Phonics Classes in Borivali West since 2017. Grammar tuitions and Teachers Training courses available. Phonics charges in Borivali West is around 14k per year. Whereas, Grammar Fee is charged between 11,800 to 13,000 Rupees only.

Kids and Adults Phonetics Reading and frame Grammatical sentences
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The holistic education for reading words and writing correct spellings. Therefore, our children achieve Guaranteed results with the Jolly reading approach. But we are sharing Free giveaways of Printable Worksheets with a downloadable link. Download Phonics resources here
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Above all, Gorai’s Jolly Phonics tuitions in Borivali Kandivali Mumbai 400092 have certified more than 350 students. Every kid with us breaks words into the minor units of sound (phonemes). Besides, it is Spell-read sound Concepts help them groom for life.

Hat’s Jolly Grammar helps the child in Sentence framing and communication .Undoubtedly, Trainers always try their best to provide a fun, interactive, and student-friendly class with solid communication. Wherefore, assessment skills at Gorai’s top English Grammatical-system academy change the game of academics.

Jolly Phonics Classes in borivali west for grammar

A complete set of Grammatical Rules and Pronunciation class in Borivali Gorai 2 Mumbai 400092. Hence, Visit Today.

Kids’ Jolly pronunciation-reading and Grammatics is an Online and Offline class for Grammar Phonic in Mumbai. Certainly, curriculum here offer an internationally recognized standards.

    Phonics for kids Class in Mumbai, Batch Details.

    Spell Tuitions
    3-6 years old

    1500-2000 Monthly, Yearly 11,000 -14, 000.
    7-8 Kids per Batch
    1 Hour and 30 min
    Twice a Week
    Admission : Open
    Subsequently, Click to Download -Consonants and vowel Sound Study Ma
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    Course duration : Yearly

    Grammatic Tuitions

    7-11 years old

    1400-2000 Monthly, Yearly 13,000 -14, 000.
    8 children in one Batch
    89 minutes
    2 times a Week
    Now Admission : Open
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    Course span : Yearly

    Frequently asked questions

    How to teach four year old about all 42 sounds?

    Do not experiment at home; find a professional Tutor. On the contrary, it needs positive language and correct flawless pronunciation.
    What is the fee structure and timings?

    The fee is 13,000 onwards. On the other hand, it is very affordable compared to similar tuitions around you. Absolute trait of a student here is to pronounce each word with an appropriate sound.

    Is teacher training course or workshop for Moms conducted?

    Yes, Training courses for teachers in Borivali started six years ago.


    school hours

    Mon-Fri: 10am – 7:30pm and
    Sat-Sun : 10am – 2pm

    bungalow no: 272/292, rsc-31,Behind Visamo Building, gorai 2, Borivili.

    9819 477 893/ 8082 012 033

    Amita Shah

    Typically replies within a hour

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